Edna May Bailey & James Benjamin Bailey, wedding day group photo, with Ivy Thompson, Eddie Thompson, 18th October 1947, Alum Rock, Birmingham, England

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Edna May Bailey & James Benjamin Bailey on thier wedding day, with Edward (Eddie) Thompson, and Frank  Beason

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Edna May Bailey & James Benjamin Bailey, the bride and groom on their wedding day 18th October 1946, Alum Rock, Birmingham, England
Edna May Bailey & James Benjamin Bailey, the bride and groom cut the cake

Edna and Jimmy were, I guess one of the lucky couples who had a long and, although turbulent in places, happy marriage, spending much time together and apart. I think it was probably their ability to share time with eachother and also to pursue individual interests that gave their marriage such longevity. There was an inert trust and reliance from both parties that, sadly, is very seldom found in relationships today, an invisible, intangible, inexplicable, and yet undeniable force or affinity that in reality can only be described as love! A comodity which I am grateful to have been exposed to, and which has modified and shaped my thoughts and actions throughout my life!