This web site is dedicated to the life of Edna May Bailey and James Benjamin Bailey, Edna, a woman who most of you will not have heard of and neither should you have. This Lady is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. she has brought happiness and joy to all who's path crossed hers in the some 83 years she was here on the earth. You see Edna here in better times, with her Husband Jimmy and her famiy.

As her son I feel honour bound to put together this simple web site as a living memorial to my parents. My Mum and Dad embraced change, and would be delighted to know that she had a web site that others could visit, and perhaps they could then reflect on things of importance in their own lives. These two unique people gave me what I have in my heart and for that I am truly grateful 

Edna May Bailey and James Benjamin Bailey, mother and father of Ian Paul Bailey

Younger than Springtime.mp3